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CPD Program - "MLSCN Basics on Training Institutions Accreditation, Programme Assessment & Professional Examinations", scheduled for 20th - 24th April., 2015. Click here for details.
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Press Releases.

  • Draft MLSCN Guidelines of Operation for Mentor Organization. Click here for details.
  • 2013 List of Practitioners in good standing with Council for verification. Click here for details.
  • MLSCN Stewardship (2010-2014) - Read
OUR VISION: To be a world acclaimed regulatory agency driving the culture of quality and efficient health laboratory care to the public and ensuring high academic standards in training institutions.
OUR MISSION: Strengthening health laboratory systems and practice for quality services through strategic regulation and accreditation.
Regulation of Production, Importation, Sales and Stocking of Laboratory Kits, Reagents & Chemicals (In-Vitro Diagnostics)
Registration, Regulation & Licensing of Training Institutions -Universities, Colleges of Health Technology
Registration, Regulation, Licensing & Accreditation of Medical Laboratories in Public & Private Health Institutions
Registration & Licensing of Medical Lab Scientists (Fellows & Associates)
Registration & Licensing of Medical Lab Technicians & Assistants
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