Practitioners’ Regulation & Discipline Department

Head of Department - Mr. G. A. Aikpitanyi-Iduitua

G. A. Aikpitanyi-Iduitua  (FMLSCN, MSc.)....

Department Functions
  1. Maintaining the Register of Members
  2. Registering new Members
  3. Preparing Licence for Members
  4. Maintaining Records of Members
  5. Custodian of the Disciplinary tools of MLSCN and the Profession

Department Units and Repsonsibilities

MLS Registration:

Unit Head - Mrs. Ini Edeh

Unit Responsibilities


MLS Records:

Unit Head - Mrs. Ihuoma Nzeako

Unit Responsibilities -


MLT & A Records

Unit Head - Mr. Joe Ekpen-Itamah

MLT & A Registration: Mrs. Ijeoma Ahunaya

Unit Responsibilities -