Resolutions Reached at the 2nd Advocacy Meeting on Proposed New MLSCN EQA/PT Scheme Held 12th June, 2017

At the end of the expanded stakeholders meeting with the visiting team from One World Accuracy, Vancouver, Canada that took place on 12th June, 2017, it was unanimously agreed that:

  1. MLSCN will be the National EQA provider in Nigeria
  2. All other EQA/PT schemes will be merged with the National EQA
  3. All registered Medical Laboratories are to participate in this National EQA programme
  4. One World Accuracy will procure and provide EQA samples that will be cheap, on time and will be promptly delivered to NEQAL, Saye, Kaduna
  5. EQA samples will be received and delivered to participants from NEQAL, Saye, Kaduna
  6. Results of EQA/PT will be submitted and evaluated by One World Accuracy System (OASYS)
  7. There will be a advocacies to zones in Nigeria prior to the commencement of the new scheme in October (i.e after the closing date for enrolment)
  8. One World Accuracy shall provide support to the proposed National EQA programme in the areas of in-country production of EQA panels as well as efficient management of corrective actions
  9. The capacity of MLSCN staff will be built and strengthened by One World Accuracy on the workings of the new collaborative EQA model
  10. MLSCN will work closely with CDC and IHVN towards ISO 17043 accreditation of NEQAL
  11. Closing date for would be participants into the scheme shall be 31st July, 2017
  12. The scheme commences October, 2017

Below are photo-gallery from the event