Resolutions Reached at the Advocacy Meeting on Proposed New MLSCN EQA/PT Scheme Held 19th May, 2017

At the Stakeholders meeting held at the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria Headquarters, Abuja on the 19th of May, 2017 with particpants drawn from enrolled EQA/PT participants, NGOs, representatives of private and public medical laboratory facilities, PMLPAN, Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors at both National and FCT levels, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) at National and FCT levels and implementation partners (IPs), the following resolutions were reached.

1.There should be harmonization between IHVN and CDC with MLSCN to ensure greater efficiency as it relates to external quality assurance

2.Since IHVN manages the CDC sites, payments for their already enrolled 351 participants should henceforth be made directly to MLSCN via NEQAL. The same goes for the Global Fund sites

3.Testing points not already captured in the HIV rapid Testing Quality Improvement Initiative (RTQII) should also be enrolled for the EQA/PT programme

4.Training should be carried out for all MLSCN staff by One World Accuracy

5.Step down trainings shall subsequently be carried out for all enrolled participants while carrying along already existing trainers in-country by One World Accuracy

6.The date for commencement into the new scheme is October, 2017; however closing date for enrollment shall be communicated soon

7.Distribution of PT samples will be through NEQAL, Saye, Zaria while the EQA/PT administration will be by Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN).

8.The guild of Medical laboratory Directors (GMLD) and the Private Medical Laboratory Practitioners Association of Nigeria (PMLPAN) will serve as advocates to drive the process of ensuring their members key into the new MLSCN EQAPT scheme

9.Individual laboratories are free to enroll for any of the PT schemes

10.Price review shall be carried out as appropriate with a view to enhancing affordability

Below are photo-gallery from the event