Below are the guidelines for enrollment into the MLSCN EQA Programme

  1. Interested participants must enroll before the beginning of the cycle
  2. For the cycle commencing in April 2016, enrollment starts now
  3. Participating Facilities must complete and return MLSCN EQA Enrollment form to indicate interest
  4. Appropriate payment must be made to signify commitment
  5. Intending participants must complete the enrollment process below

Click here to download the EQA programme enrollment form.

Enrollment Process

  1. Visit and download the enrollment form from the EQA tab on the menu
  2. Complete relevant sections of the enrollment form
  3. Select or indicate Scheme(s) of interest including shipment in the enrollment form
  4. Make appropriate payment for the selected scheme(s) and shipment
  5. Return the completed enrollment form along with evidence of payment to the Registrar/CEO, MLSCN Hq., at and
  6. Participating facilities will receive letters of acknowledgement from MLSCN to commence enrollment procedure
  7. Participating facilities will receive certificate of enrollment from MLSCN on commencement of scheme

All diagnostic testing laboratories are qualified to enroll for schemes that cover their range of testing (testing menu).

At the completion of cycle, participating facilities shall receive a certificate of completion from MLSCN (Qualification for certificate of completion requires that participants must return results for a minimum of 80% of cycle).