The management has approved six (6) schemes for her proficiency panels which are Chemistry, Hematology, TB, MP, HIV Serology and CD4.

Laboratory facilities are expected to enroll into the program with a prescribed fee.

Below is the breakdown of the fees:

S/N Panel type Frequency of testing Price Per Annum (N)
1 Chemistry Monthly 118,000.00
2 Hematology Monthly 142,000.00
3 T.B (10slides) 3x/annum 9,900.00
4 MP (10slides) 3x/annum 11,000.00
5 HIV Serology 3x/annum 11,000.00
6 CD4 3x/annum 79,200.00


Kindly note:

  1. Panels for Haematology and CD4 will not be available in this current EQA cycle. However, participants who wish to subsequently enroll for these two PT Schemes in future EQA cycles can indicate their interest in the EQA enrollment forms.
  2. That the cost of courier for 3 shipments is N25,000.00
  3. Further information will be uploaded as the need arises.

For more enquiries, contact the following:-

  1. Erhabor, Tosan (08023001485)
  2. Okeke, Onyekachukwu F. I. (08036358489)
  3. Owolabi Saheed (08023877521)


Erhabor, Tosan

Director, External Quality Assurance and Proficiency Testing